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Four ring 40cm ( 16 inch ) diameter

Four ring 30cm ( 12 inch ) diameter

5 ring 75cm ( 29½ inch  ) diameter

4 or 5 ring 60cm ( 24 inch ) diameter

Contempory iron plinth, pedestal, column. Suitable for all sizes of our armillary sphere sundials.

All of our armillary sundials are hand crafted by ourselves in
                                    Essex  UK
- Delivered in one piece, no assembly necessary
- 5 Standard sizes ( any size made to order )
- Finished to your requirement
- Manufactured from solid wrought iron.
- Personalised dedication or motto can be added.

- Sundials make a very special & different present that will be treasured for years.


Setting up and fixing.

We will set up your armillary for the latitude they will be delivered to, which will be your address unless you specified a different one when you place your order. At midday stand with your back to the sun, you are now facing north.Place the sundial on the plinth with the arrow or top sphere facing away from you, now move out of the way to let the sun shine on the dial and note that the gnomon ( arrow shaft ) casts a shadow on the hour band, turn the armillary until the shadow is at the 12 o'clock mark and fix the sphere down at this position.






Metal stand for our sundials suitable for any of our armillaries


60cm ( 24 inch ) diameter armillary painted and distressed on victorian cast iron base
40cm ( 16 inch ) diameter armillary painted light green and distressed
50cm ( 20 iinch ) diameter armillary painted light green and distressed


Four ring 50cm ( 19¾ inch ) diameter

Made in Great Britian
Armillary sundials - PJH Designs
Large armillary sundial 75cm ( 29
Small sphere armillary sundial 30cm ( 12


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