Wrought iron stand suitable for all sizes of our armillaries .

Wrought iron stand for use with anyl of our armillary sundials .
Black stand with 40cm silver armillary sundial .

Order Code  : SUNSTAND081

Price £ 150.00    Carriage £ 20.00
Stand shown above with our 40cm silver armillary.
The stand can be supplied with a short stake welded on the bottom for concreting in or a longer one for simply knocking into the ground, please state you prefence when ordering .
Metal armillary sundial plinth
Sizes : 18cm (  7" ) x 18cm ( 7" )
 Height 81cm ( 32" ) or 110cm ( 43" )
( But any height supplied to your requirements )
Light green 75cm armillary and stand  .
Stand shown above with our 76cm verdigris armillary.
Armillary base with long stake for knocking into ground .


Shown here on the left painted black with a silver armillary .

Our standard colours are :
Light Grey, light green , silver or black.

Wrought iron armillary stand
Made in Great Britian

81cm Stand :

110cm Stand :

Order Code  : SUNSTAND110

Price £ 165.00    Carriage £ 25.00